Unconditional Presence…?

How do you breathe through life…? How do you breathe through the different experiences from birth to the last moment? There are many, many ways to approach this topic… Here and now, we will try to feel it out from an angle that is called unconditional presence. This is a term used in healing modalities, a quality provided to someone else when trying to help them the best way we can. On this particular adventure, we will explore the true nature of unconditional presence in the realm of giving it not only to others, but to ourselves, first of all.

This comes after the observation (that took for years in my case) that the only way anyone can be present unconditionally is if everyone in the situation is included: the Self as well. I cannot provide something I do not have. And I will not expect anyone to provide it for me if I cannot. This is one of those tricky statements, like “just let it go” or “love yourself”. Yes, I am aware of the fact that “give unconditional presence to yourself first” can sound as lofty and as annoying as any other spiritual concepts that are imposed on us without any tools to manifest them, so we start disliking them, no matter how good they feel at first sight. So everything on this page is dedicated to the practical, tangible, useful tools to get there. As an pioneer myself, I invite you to join me on a journey to a place where magic happens.

Here is how this blog was born.

This is the land where the wavelength between two humans, the space between words, and the realizations connecting emotions can become bridges—bridges on the way of healing; on the way of recognizing the love that is our birthright. By offering and receiving focused presence, real dimension jumps are possible in this realm: learning and understanding, accepting and letting go, and sometimes the very recognition that we do not have to be “better” in any way. Here lives the deeper allowance of being lovable, as we are, without being fixed – and this is the time-space reality when we can become whole again and breathe for the joy of breathing itself.

Here is the first post that started this blog.