About Me

Hello Dear, how are you? In the last few decades, my answer to this question was rarely authentic, even when positive. The feeling that “something is wrong with me” ran like a malicious software in the background of my consciousness, and affected everything in my life. After trying millions of methods to feel better in my own skin, the conclusion was born: there is no better healing modality than unconditional presence.  I had been working with families and teachers, babies and bigger kids, parents and professionals for more than twenty years in sixteen countries when this understanding finally found me.

I count myself as a hacker of the education/socialization system from the beginning. (Hacking the system means finding ways to survive and possibly thrive in an environment that did not feel people-friendly at all most of the time.) As a kid I was a misfit, as a teacher I felt for the misfits, and as a trainer I could finally create a new paradigm to fit in, especially designed for the misfits. A paradigm where shaming and blaming are not inevitable tools of grooming youngsters, mistakes are not the worst things we can make and ‘special needs’ have a meaning of unique value. I LOVE working with small and large groups of people, of any age, to assist them to spread their wings in their new reality. My experiences are enriched with leading a state funded research project in the field of prenatal and postnatal music therapy. This experience has shaped my ways of thinking and attitude enormously and I will cherish that forever. At the same time, my path has curved towards working in a personal setting, with individuals or couples. I have become a trained Doula, a Birthlight Prenatal and Baby Yoga Instructor, a Completion Process Practitioner, a Trauma Release Facilitator and an Unconditional Presence Provider (yes, I made this last title up, not having a better one invented yet :)).

I would love to work with you in the realm of unconditional presence. You can contact me via Skype, phone, email, smoke signs, pigeon post or Morse code down below.


Small group bonding in an orphanage in Odessa, Ukraine

TPR exercise in South Korea
Postnatal music session with Bella in Hungary

Connection exercise in Zagreb, Croatia
Training in a conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Body-Mind Centering experience in Jerusalem, Israel